Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Best Care Package in the World

My parents sent a care package today. A perfect way to end a long week. It said "Perishable" on it and I was a little nervous. Mom and Dad, I love you guys but every since I received the priority box covered in hardened maple syrup I have been somewhat wary of what is inside those boxes. I can never guess what is inside those boxes. Most of the time it is my junk mail that is still being delivered to my parents house. Someday, I'll cut the cord completely and fill out that dreaded change of address form at the Post Office, but until then, my mom is welcome to keep putting my junk mail in a box and sending it to Alaska as long as there are some goodies inside.

We received mail twice this week (big week for mail). I received some packages (more books that I don't have time to read) yesterday in the mail and today I saw a box addressed to me and my mom's return address label up in the corner. The big yellow sun in the corner of her address label was beckoning me to open it immediately...that and the "Perishable" stamp.

I tore open the box and I saw a card...a St. Patrick's Day card. It said lots of nice things. Then I saw some cookie like objects and upon closer inspection I realized that they were nice big doggie treats from the doggie bakery for Macy. My favorite treat was the bone shaped cookie with green and white frosting that said "Puppy go Bragh"(I won't let her eat it until St. Patrick's Day). I kept digging and found some junk mail which I quickly sorted into three piles...stuff to trash, stuff I want to look and possibly keep but will be sitting around my house for three or four weeks until I decide to throw it away, and stuff to save. Then, I hit the mother lode.

TWO bricks of Wisconsin cheese and TWO things (I don't know what they are called) of venison sausage. My mouth started watering instantly and I quickly put the food back in the box. I didn't want anyone to see it and to eat it. I wasn't ready to share yet. I'll maybe share tomorrow.

My mom also sent me "my" Brett Favre collector's edition Sports Illustrated. I wrote a blog reminiscing about Brett's career when he announced his retirement a week or so ago but I didn't finish it. Brett Favre is Wisconsin's hero. No one here seems to really understand why I roll out of bed early on a Sunday (remember, we are three hours behind), put my Packers shirt on, and immediately run to the couch to cover up with a blanket and watch the game. Brett Favre played the game because he loved it. That's pretty freaking cool.

So, Mom and Dad...thanks for thinking of me and Macy up here in the wilds of Alaska. Thanks for the goodies. Only about a month or so left to send stuff..I should be "stuck" again by the end of April or beginning of May and won't be able to get mail. Until then, keep those packages coming.

Macy and I thank you both very much! I may not get to enjoy some "traditional" St. Patrick's Day activities, but you made my day!


Anonymous said...

OMG, that is a cute picture of Macy. Really... she has taken some pretty effin cute pictures. She should model. Too bad you missed the big Bethel competition.

Marty&Marcy said...

Your Mom told us about your blog today. I loved reading about your adventures, the student's activities and the ups and downs of Macy's life.
Thanks for the laughs, and the photos.
Love, Aunt Marcy.

Tammy said...

Erin, Thanks for the great laughs, and sharing hoe you live. This page is great. I looked at it all and still I saw no Hooper Wear in Alaska? Hope all is going well. Miss you Tammy Hooper and Breanna

Erin said...

Hey Tammy --

I'm writing a post right now as we speak that will include some Hooper wear. Promise!


Mom said...

Hi Erin,
Glad you liked the package. Will send more. Thinking of a new idea.What will I think of now. Love, Mom and Dad