Tuesday, April 22, 2008

C'mon Spring -- Bring it On

I just returned from a walk with Macy. I wore my Muck boots and rain gear and I proved that you are never too old to run and jump and splash in puddles. I'm sure people looking out their windows thought I was crazy as I was traversing through and jumping around in six inches of water, but I don't care, it was fun. There is just something magical about jumping in a puddle that always make me feel joyous and a bit silly. Plus, I think everyone in town has realized that I am a bit crazy and I feel they have accepted my quirkiness and still have welcomed me with open arms.

Last night I rode down to Napakiak for an "end of the year" dinner with my friend, K.C. If the river breaks up before we leave we'll probably see each other before summer, if it doesn't, it will probably be August until I see him again. The river was a bit tricky for traveling on. The last few days have been warm and it rained earlier in the day yesterday. There was plenty of water sitting on top of the ice and I never broke 20 as I rode downriver. I admit, I was a little freaked out. Last year I crashed my sled in very similar conditions. Macy was with me when I crashed last year and we both flew off in different directions and my sled flipped over. As a result, she runs and hides under the table whenever she thinks I may be getting ready to go fora ride and am going to take her with me. Macy was quite tense on the ride down and back. Her eyes were huge and she was ready to jump off at a moment's notice. Perhaps in her little doggie brain she realized that we were traveling on water in warm weather for quite a distance. I think memories of that horrible morning came flooding back and were too terrible for her to deal with.

I've been amazed at how quickly the weather has changed and what it looks like outside my window. Just last week I was thinking that I was going to ride my snowmobile out of here in May but with the temps in the 40's the last few days it looks like I'll be getting a boat ride out after all.

After helping a student out with some paper writing earlier this evening I decided to head outside to document the various signs of spring.

Here are our snowmobiles....one or two more rides before we have to put them away.

Rubber boots are back out in force. It's cute to see all the kids come into school in the morning wearing their little rubber boots. Today, a little girl proudly showed me her boots and informed me that now that she has rubber boots she can go in the water. I bet her mom would have a different opinion.

However, I do agree with that little girl, rubber boots are good for going in water. I like going in the water. In fact, I like going through water so much that I bought a pair of waders earlier this fall. Other people also agree with me that going through water is fun.

Spring also means that the kids here are starting to play basketball again. Since we don't have a gym the kids love when the play deck in back of the school is finally free of snow. As soon as it got warm out the kids all grabbed shovels and started clearing the snow off. On Sunday afternoon I stopped by and helped for a little bit. They had gotten about half the court cleared and when I went by today all that was left of the snow on the court was a pile at one end and a gigantic wet spot.

Here are some pictures of various puddles in the village....at least the deep ones.

Here's a picture of the river that has formed on the river.

Boardwalk in view! 'O! the joy!

On the way back to the house I joined some of the students in a game of junkyard basketball. I had no idea how to play but the kids quickly taught me. (Yes...I am trying to wrestle a ball away from a 10 year old...she was STRONG and put up a great fight...I did win in the end)

After my walk around the village and seeing all the signs of spring I have to say I'm ready. Now it's just a matter of waiting the river out until the ice breaks up.


Anonymous said...

Spring rocks! I want to jump in puddles with you when you come to visit in Wisconsin. I don't have rubber boots though??

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin,
Thanks sooo much for the pictures and another great story. Dad and I sure do enjoy reading and looking at the picutres on your blog. Love, Mom

Andrea said...

Hi Erin,

I had to laugh about Macy and the snow go. We tied a kennel into our sled for the dog too. The sled turned over once and we dragged the kennel on it's side for a while. Poor dog reluctantly enters the sled, knowing that fun romps will come. A necessary torture. Love your blog!

Dirk Martin said...

I love your play deck. I wish our kids would clear ours so we could play some real ball. That might take some effort so they are satisfied playing junkyard slush ball. Go figure. Nice pics!