Wednesday, May 21, 2008 missed a spot

Once again this week was extremely busy here in Oscarville. Students were frantically trying to finish up their phases and get all their work completed. Students were finding papers that they had never finished from the beginning of the year and I gave them all of Monday and Tuesday to finish them up and turn them in. I wish I could have their energy and motivation throughout the entire school year, not just in the last week. It’s amazing how much they can do when they really have a fire burning under their asses.

Monday night was quite monumental at our house. Christina and I were planning a dessert/tea evening at the school for Tuesday evening. The community was invited and students would participate in a performance or read a piece. That meant that on Monday evening Christina and I were in the kitchen preparing desserts.

I decided to make and apple crisp type dessert and followed all the directions and when it was done baking I took the Pyrex dish out of the oven and set it on the stove to cool. Meanwhile, Christina had started to melt chocolate for candy and I had just put some muffins into the oven. I turned a burner on to heat up some water for tea and went back to chatting with a friend while I was waiting for the apple crisp to cool, the water to boil and the muffins to bake. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang (explosion?) and I looked over to see the Pyrex dish shattered on the stovetop, apple crisp all over the wall, Christina frozen in mid pour only a foot away from the explosion. It took forever to try to clean up all the shards of glass scattered throughout the kitchen. The lesson I learned from al this was to double check which burners are being turned on and if there is something on top of said burners. The funny thing is that I turned on the wrong burner again yesterday when I went to make some tea.

Tuesday evening went well. The primary students sang a couple of songs they have been working on. The intermediate students performed a reader’s theater of Rumpelstiltskin and they had us all laughing. The Junior High performed a poem for six voices that touched on all the things they have done throughout the year. Each of my high school students had chosen a piece that they wanted to share with the community. I was proud of all the students but I was so proud of each of my high school students. They did a really good job getting up in front of everyone solo and presenting their pieces.

Which brings me to today. This morning started with an awards ceremony and after each of the students had received their awards for the phases that they passed we all went outside and played games until lunchtime. Today was the annual Oscarville Community Cleanup and our Traditional Council bought hotdogs and hamburgers with all the fixins’ for everyone in the village. We sat outside in the sunlight and ate hot dogs and chips and talked until it was time for us to pick up garbage.

Although I don’t mind picking up garbage I do mind trying to bend over and pick up garbage when I have two hotdogs with all the fixins’ sitting in my stomach. To make work a little easier I buddied up with some of the primary students. Don’t tell anyone, but I held the bag open and carried it while they did the bending over. After awhile one of my buddies wandered off to be naughty where I couldn’t see her and thus scold her and I was left with my other buddy. Somewhere during the garbage pickup this young lady decided to make a joke. At this point I was walking through a whole bunch of muck and mud in my sandals and my jeans were getting completely soaked. I then heard a nasally high pitched little voice say, “Erin, you missed a spot.” I looked up to see this tiny little girl with a huge smile on her face pointing at a candy wrapper on the ground. I laughed, thanked her and picked up the candy wrapper. From them on, this little girl was watching every move I made and called me on my spotty garbage picking skills quite a bit until we were done.

It was nice to see all the garbage bagged up and headed to the dump. I love when this village looks clean and cared for. I also like when everyone chips in and gets things done. The kids all were champs and worked hard to finish their work.


Christina. said...

Because Richard is who he is I just read this entry to him. He immediately picked up a Pyrex on his shelf and said, "yeah, look! It says right on it. Safe for oven but not for use on stove or broiler." *sigh* Yeah Richard, we got that.

Dirk Martin said...

That is awesome! Richard, you da man!!! C'mon ladies....