Monday, June 30, 2008

Winding Down

So, my time in Wisco is winding down and I printed out three articles that averaged about 15 pages each today. I have to have them read by the 8th of July, which is when I will be in Fairbanks for classes again.

I decided to bail on the conference in San Fransisco. I spent last Wednesday babysitting for my nieces and realized how freaking awesome they are and how little I actually get to see them. Tonight my mom, dad, two of my brothers, my sister-in-law and my nieces all spent time hanging out outside and eating ice cream. It was nice and was one of my best nights at home yet.
Last week, my cousin April and I went swimming at an awesome lake called Knight Lake in nearby Waupaca. The water was amazing and was clear and blue and I would love one more day laying on the dock and swimming there before I leave. Plus, Summerfest is going on right now in Milwaukee and I'm heading down there tomorrow to see my friend Chad's band, Baghdad SCUBA Review play (along with Railroad Earth and Yonder Mountain String Band).

Last Friday evening my friend Jon and I headed up to Country USA. We were a little out of place admist all the cowboy hats and I only knew a few songs, but it was a blast.

The headliner that night was Kenny Chesney and I do know quite a few songs by Kenneth.

However, a few songs into the set it started pouring and everyone ran for safety into the nearest beer tents where we danced and yee-hawed to a small local country band. It was a blast! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera in the van and don't have any pictures.

Other than that, I've been spending time walking Macy, riding my bike and today I went frisbee golfing. I am positive that I have become addicted to the sport again and I even had a couple of really good shots, which is always encouraging. It's my goal to get up early tomorrow and play a round before it gets too hot out. We'll see if that happens.

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