Friday, August 22, 2008

First Week Reflections

Last night some of the other teachers and I were discussing our first week back at school. Christina commented that this seemed like the loooooooooongest week ever and I think we were all in agreement that having a full week the first week back does make for a long week.

However, I commented that this week was not only long but pretty amazing as well. We got hit with pretty much everything we could this week in terms of problems and hiccups. We had an early release on Tuesday due to a funeral in Napaskiak which means that today, which is normally a half day for the students, is a full day for everyone. We have had a ton of switching between rooms, the video conferencing system wasn't working quite right, sports physicals are being done as we speak, we started school 15 minutes earlier than last year, etc, etc, etc.

What I've noticed is how busy all the students are outside of school as well. Everyone has been kayaking their brains out, a couple of junior high boys are trying to rebuild a snowmobile engine and get it working, other boys have been doing the same to a boat motor and have been out in the slough almost every night trying to get it fine tuned. The younger students are busy riding bikes and swimming (with life jackets on) and just playing outside when they can. I've been trying to get my lesson plans done and get all caught up in my work as well as finishing up some papers from my summer classes. I've made two loaves of bread this week, Christina baked muffins, Barbara and I went to Bethel last night, kids have been visiting, my friend K.C. came up to hang out. Tomorrow I'm going fishing with K.C. and some other teachers from Napakiak and I want to try to get up to Bethel sometime soon to visit my friend Brian.

There's been two birthday parties this past week. I had a meeting a the school for parents and students, kids have been staying after school to work on homework and to work.

I know I am probably forgetting a TON of stuff, but it is Friday after all and my brain is getting a little fried. Last night Barbara and I and her family were at Shogun's (my favorite Bethel eatery) and we were laughing at our lack of conversation ability. Barbara is convinced that they gave us cheap disposable plastic cups to drink out of because she wasn't making sense when she tried to order her food. point is this. Although all that stuff has happened, although it was a long week, although the students and staff are getting used to the schedule again, we have had a GREAT week. Attitudes have pretty much been great. Students and staff are laughing and smiling. Already I'm seeing excellent work poring out my my students' brains. Everyone is in a great mood and working their butts off!!

That's why Oscarville is probably the best site in this entire district and why, when other teachers start complaining about their students or coworkers, I just sit back and keep my mouth shut. I really have nothing to complain about. I work with some pretty awesome students and staff. I'm really lucky.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birthday Parties and Kayaking

This past week I attended a birthday party for a now three year old girl. It had a My Little Pony theme and all the kids received party hats. Macy was in attendance until I found her noshing on a huge strip of stolen dry fish. After I retrieved the fish strip I walked her home and made her miss the rest of the party.

However, our newest kindergarten student who loves Macy decided to share her hat with Macy. Macy handled the hat well and even wore it for a little while before it became too much. This same little kindergarten student skipped out of school on Monday (the first day) and decided to let Macy out and play with her instead.

Macy and I have also been enjoying the nice weather and have been getting out to kayak a little when time allows. Our principal has two huge yellow two person inflatable kayaks and the students have been taking those out as well. In fact, two of them kayaked up to Bethel last night and kayaking there has become the hip thing to do. So, the other day, after school I decided to follow the kids and check out a different area than my normal route.

At one point, Macy even jumped into their boat and rode with them for a little while..which they all loved.

After we got back Macy enjoyed swimming and fetching sticks. I finally allowed some of the high school students to try my kayak and it was no time before they were just a speck in the distance. It was a great day and everyone had fun playing outside in the sun!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Berry Picking

This past weekend I went berry picking with my friend Daphne, her mother and her son Colin. Although we only went up to Bethel I had a fun time. I picked three quarts of blueberries which I thought was quite a bit...until I saw the 2 gallon buckets that Daphne and her mother each had filled. Her son ate more blueberries than he picked and Macy had her fill of berries as well.

I again discovered how much Macy likes blueberries. I had a hard time keeping her head out of my bucket. As I was picking and she would sit and whine and beg for blueberries. Macy is also getting pretty good at eating the berries right off the bush and went crazy eating blueberries the entire time we were picking.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lazy Macy and Superman

Macy is getting used to sitting around all day again. I really wish I could bring her to school but nothing but chaos and distractions would come from that. Macy likes attention too much to sit quietly and just watch. So, poor Macy has to be at home all day by herself. Somehow, she has to manage spending her time curled up on my down comforter on my brand new queen sized bed. I don't know how she manages.

When I come from work I do my best to spoil her. I don't know if she enjoys being babied or if she just puts up with it. Here is the latest...I call it Macy Burrito. She loved it.

Oscarville was also graced by a visit from Superman. I saw him pedaling down the boardwalk and he graciously posed for a few pictures before he sped off to fight crime. I feel so safe knowing that the good citizens of Oscarville have a superhero right in our midst. I slept like a baby that night and Macy didn't bark once.