Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Berry Picking

This past weekend I went berry picking with my friend Daphne, her mother and her son Colin. Although we only went up to Bethel I had a fun time. I picked three quarts of blueberries which I thought was quite a bit...until I saw the 2 gallon buckets that Daphne and her mother each had filled. Her son ate more blueberries than he picked and Macy had her fill of berries as well.

I again discovered how much Macy likes blueberries. I had a hard time keeping her head out of my bucket. As I was picking and she would sit and whine and beg for blueberries. Macy is also getting pretty good at eating the berries right off the bush and went crazy eating blueberries the entire time we were picking.


Nicole said...

was it fun for macey to eat berries? i know i had fun when i went berry picking in bethel.

Erin said...

Macy had sooo much fun picking berries. It's one of her most favorite things to do when she's here in Oscarville.