Monday, September 22, 2008

3 boys and a girl

That is what my mom always said when she was asked how many children she had. "Four, three boys and a girl".

When I was growing up I not only had three brothers but also two male cousins who were very close in age to my brothers as well as all of their friends. Needless to say, I was surrounded by boys all the time. I had to play baseball and football and wrestle and just put up with all sorts of boy activities. It wasn't always fun, but I somehow managed to make it through childhood.

In the village there is a family that is also comprised of "three boys and a girl". The girl is very much a tomboy and reminds me of myself in that situation quite often.

The other day I looked out and saw this.

I stopped them long enough to snap a few pictures, make sure the ropes weren't too tight, made sure the boys weren't ganging up on the little girl and then let them on their merry way.

It reminded me of the time we tied up my brother Dave and set him out by the road with a "Free" sign on him. Ahhhh...memories.


The Smacca said...

Families of all girls do that stuff, too. I have fond memories of stuffing my youngest sister in the bottom of a sleeping bag and trying to drag her up the stairs.

I don't feel guilty about it either... she begged us to do it.

b.r. said...

Older sisters can be just as cruel. One time my big sister threw me head-first into a snow bank like I was a javelin. I stuck right in, most of my upper torso, with my legs sticking out. She still thinks it's hilarious, just ask her.

Erin said...

ha ha!! Maybe I should be thankful I didn't have any sisters. Maybe they are crueler than brothers. probably deserved to be thrown like a javelin! There have been a couple of times since I've known you that I've thought about throwing you around a bit. However, you know quite a few wrestling moves and that's kind of scary.

Sarah -- you totally reminded me of another time when we would tie my brother up and then time him to see how long it would take him to break free of his bonds! I had forgotten all about that.

Nicole said...

fuuuuunnnyyyyyyy!! i do to have three brothers but no sisters.