Friday, October 10, 2008


Important news first.


Need I say more? It is now a waiting game for the river to freeze and the snowmachines to start up. We had our first big storm this week. I awoke Thursday morning to howling wind and frigid temps and snow on the ground. This storm continued throughout the day Thursday and turned to freezing rain late Thursday evening. I awoke Friday morning to calm winds and frigid temps and glare ice on my windows and on the boardwalk.

All day today I watched the weather as I was heading up to Bethel for class tonight and tomorrow. I was torn all day about whether I should go or stay and finally hopped into a boat. It was a frigid 5 miles ride. Perhaps one of the coldest I've ever had on the river. But, I'm here. I'm still cold and am really wishing I had grabbed another sweatshirt before I left my house.

Tomorrow I'll wear my warmer socks and my bibs to class. I'll write a much more thoughtful post tomorrow when I've had some time to decompress from my week.

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Nicole said...

you know what Erin i really want to see jaden but it is too dangourus. i really miss him.