Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New CDs

My recent Amazon order came in today. I've been waiting for the newest Old Crow Medicine Show album for about a couple of weeks now and it has been pure torture. Although I appreciate sites like iTunes and indie911 for their instant downloadable music options there is still something quite special about receiving a CD in the mail (especially one you know you are going to love).

There is something magical about struggling to get the shrink wrap off just knowing that inside is a beautiful disk that will fill your ears and mind with lovely images and sounds...but... you.. can't ..get..the..stupid..shrink...wrap..OFF!!

Then, like magic one little piece tears off and you know you have defeated the shrink wrap. Eagerly, you become giddy with anticipation. It will only be a few moments now until you will be able to touch that perfect, unscratched disk. The jewel case is now open and you rush to put the CD into a CD playing device and as the first few wonderful notes hit your ears you grab the liner notes and begin flipping through, studying the lyrics, looking at the pictures, and appreciating the heck out whoever it is that you are listening to.

Of course, there are also those much anticipated albums that just don't live up to expectations when you receive them. It is those you wish you had downloaded off iTunes or another site. Those suck to get and are a major disappointment, especially when it is an artist you have already professed undying love for.

Yes, yes..there is still something magical about new CDs.


Anonymous said...

Was it only an OCMS CD that you recieved? Or was there another, even better one? By an artist with a name that sounds like Baymee PacBonald?

Erin said...

Oh! Cripes I forgot to mention how rad Amy McDonald is. Shucks.

Blam said...

i like the part where you said, "you...cant..get...it..OFF!..lol...
it made me crack up. lol..i like your blogs. n the comments. they make me laugh too.