Monday, December 8, 2008

Friday Nights in the Village

This is what we do for fun on Friday nights in the village. That is a head massager. It tickles. We took turns tickling each other with the head massager. It was fun.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What the crap?

Last week was -30 (with wind chill) cold.

Today it is raining and is 38 degrees outside. I'm watching the snow melt and the slough outside my window is full of rushing water. My plans to go bike riding on the river have been scratched now. Maybe I'll get my kayak back out.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Perfect Game of Fetch

Macy and I just played the perfect game of fetch. The river is quite slickery with a fresh layer of frozen rain and the wind is blowing out there at about 20 mph or so. What that means is that with just a small amount of force a stick can slide for quite a bit along the ice before a little dog can catch it. There were even a few times I didn't have to do anything. Macy would bring the stick back to me and would unknowingly send it on it's way again. Hopefully conditions will continue into tomorrow and I can take her outside with her Chuck-it and some tennis balls. I'd love to see how far those things can go.


Thanksgiving (a.k.a. Franksgiving by Brian Rendall) was one of the most enjoyable weekends I have had in quite some time.

On Tuesday of last week Brian came down to give our students their Driver's Ed tests. We are anxiously waiting for the results and I kind of wish I had a car so that I could take the kids who did earn their permits out for some driving lessons. The river is nice and flat and since there isn't anything out there to hit learning how to drive on the river would be ideal for any beginning student.

Brian spent the evening and we passed the time eating a yummy dinner of spaghetti and watching Christina season a turkey for the next day's feast at the school.

The next morning I awoke at 6:30 and threw the turkey in the oven and then promptly went back to bed.

School that day went exceptionally considering that 5 turkeys were roasting in various houses throughout the village and meal prep began almost the second breakfast was over. Have I ever mentioned how awesome my students are? They even took a quiz in biology (which everyone got A's on).

The meal was great. Brian brought our turkey over at noon. The students all know what they need to do to help set up and a half hour later our table was set, people were in the school and were ready to EAT!

After we gorged ourselves on food we quickly cleaned up and went home to get a little rest before the REAL turkey day approached.

My snowmachine had been in the shop (which is a whole 'nother silly story) and my friend K.C. agreed to bring me Bethel to get it. We went up there, we came back and then we ALL (K.C, Christina, Brian and I) all went back up.

I dropped Brian off at home then met K.C. and Christina off at V.I.P. for a Thanksgiving sushi dinner. After dinner, K.C. went home, Christina went to Anchorage to meet a friend and I went back to Brian's for a few beverages and to rest my stomach.

The next morning I awoke at...noon. We got up and had some breakfast and then proceeded to sit around for dinner to be ready.

At one point, the cook asked Brian and me to go to the A.C. to get some cranberry sauce. It was there at the A.C. that a very philosophical discussion took form. Which cranberry sauce would be the preferred sauce for our guests? For some reason, I suggested "get both" but then for whatever reason I figured that our guests would like the whole berry cranberries. BOY WAS I WRONG! Sliders folks, always opt for the sliders. (Sliders are the kind of cranberries that slide right out of the can.)

Thanksgiving was a blast. I ate dinner with Brian and his roommates at the Tundra Oasis. Jimmy, the master chef of the house, prepared a meal that was fit for the gods. Turkey, potatoes, stuffing, whole berry was all there. We stuffed ourselves silly.

After dinner we proceeded to sit around and laugh. Brian and I indulged in a little "champagne of beers" and the conversation with all the people there flowed freely. I met quite a few cool people at dinner and it was after one when Brian finished his taco and Dorito snack and we crawled back into bed.

It was noon again by the time we got up and we were quite slow to start our day. We finally got it started and decided to take the snow machines for a ride. The only problem was that Christina's machine decided not to start and once it did start it really didn't want to stay started. After a quick phone call to Christina in Anchorage we dropped her snow machine off at the shop.

With nothing much else to do Brian and I headed back to Oscarville where we spent the night watching movies and hanging out.

The next morning, Mr. Bodily (K.C.) joined us for some moose meat breakfast burritos and we all waited to hear news from Christina's machine. The news came...and it wasn't good. Her machine was sick and would take much longer than a day to get well.

K.C. left after we got the bad news and Brian and I headed back up to Bethel. I can't remember what we did but we headed back to Oscarville later on and Mr. Bodily joined us again later on that evening and we headed out to the bluffs for some good old fashioned sliding.

The next morning was Sunday and I brought Brian home early. I spent the rest of the day getting caught up on work and I ended the weekend feeling great. All in was a great, restful and relaxing weekend and I don't think I have a single picture to prove it.