Thursday, February 19, 2009

Amazing Things

The last fews days in Oscarville have been packed full of amazing things and discoveries and learning.

Amazing Thing #1

I have a meal worm that is still alive. When I arrived home after Christmas break I noticed that a well intending person had "watered" my meal worms for me. Apparently, instead of dampening the paper towels this person directly poured water into the container. Since paper toweling can only hold so much water at once the water that was not absorbed in the towels soaked into the oatmeal that the mealy worms live in. Apparently it takes about three weeks for wet oatmeal to grow mold and after four or five weeks the moldy oatmeal gets hard. After examining the wet oatmeal I decided nothing could possibly survive in that stinky horrible mess. All the tiny little beatle and mealy worm corpses in the container backed that idea up. I then reached in and dug out the moldy oatmeal, added some fresh stuff, and waited to see what happened. What happened was that I thought I subsequently killed everything in the jar. Lo and behold..I saw this wriggling around in there yesterday. My hope is that my meal worm population will replenish. We are all waiting in anticipation.

Amazing Thing #2

Macy can clean up after herself. I don't know how this escaped my attention for so long. All this time I've been picking up her toys, washing her blankets, putting her blankets on the couch just right when it turns out she is more than capable of doing chores herself. The other evening I filled up Macy's water dish and then went to bed. I figured she might get thirsty at night and might like some water to drink. The next morning I woke up to this sight. Macy must have thought I spilled some water or something and wanted to help me clean it up. She, ever so carefully, got a washcloth and made sure the water was all cleaned up for me. What a nice dog! She showed me that she really is ready to take on more responsibility around the house and I feel that she just might be ready. She is oozing with personal responsibility.

Amazing Thing #3

We had a visit today from Dr. Kenji Yoshikawa, leader of the UAF Permafrost Outreach Program. The amazing and wonderful thing from Kenji's visit is that he single-handedly captured the attention of all our students in grades 5-12 for 45 minutes. Short of setting myself on fire and doing cartwheels across the room I really have not been able to accomplish that feat. Not one student stirred through his entire presentation. All were quiet and all were respectful. Kenji is a pretty neat guy. He travels via snowmachine to many of his participating schools and villages.Yesterday he showed up in the rain and was soaked to the bone. Nevertheless, he did his work and moved right on home to Bethel. Kenji presented in my room and I was a bit embarrassed about how much stuff that he picked up and moved or even cleaned up as he presented. At one point he noticed that the box of Pilot Bread I keep in my classroom was open and the crackers were spilling out. He picked it up and set it back upright. Then he turned around and put a bunch of writing prompts that were lying on the floor back in their box. When he finally he realized he had about 4 Post-It notes stuck to his sock he peeled the Post-Its off and put them back near the poster they had fallen from. Thanks Kenji for being such a cool guy. The students are really excited about this project and are excited to be monitoring the permafrost tube for you.


Anonymous said...

Personal responsibility in a dog?! Quite amazing. Meg's understanding of this matter, is strictly limited to no pooing / weeing in the house, cleaning up after herself is an alien concept, I'm sure. Macy, you did 'A Great Job', etc.

Erin said...

Macy was "cranking with both hands". On her weekly evaluation I give her high marks.