Monday, March 23, 2009


When I was a kid I remember reading a book with my dad. I may as well be making this up but the memory I have is of us in his bathroom and me reading to him as he shaved. I'm not entirely sure what the book was about but I remember at various points throughout the story the main character would yell "EEK!". My dad then pointed out that my initials (Erin Elizabeth Kavanaugh) spelled EEK and I felt very special seeing my initials in writing.

Throughout the years other people have figured out that my initials spell EEK and some have chosen to call me that as a nickname. Other people have cool nicknames but I got stuck with EEK. I also got stuck with some of my brothers' nicknames as well. My brothers' friends would just add Lil' in front of whatever my brothers' nicknames were. So, I went through high school as Lil' Kavanaugh, Lil' Kavy, Lil' Shaft, and the worst one Lil' Fatty.

When I arrived in the Y-K Delta I was surprised and amused to find out that there was a village here called Eek. When I asked someone here in Oscarville what the word Eek means in Yugtun I was told that one day a man was traveling on the tundra when he encountered a huge rabbit/mouse hybrid. This man then apparently screamed out "Eek!" I still have no idea what "Eek" means and apparently no one else around here does either, but it does make for a good joke.

The whole point I'm trying to get to is that this weekend I got to see for myself the village of Eek when I accompanied our NYO team to their meet. Although small, our NYO team is always a force to be reckoned with at meets. This week's past meet was no exception and our team did quite well. Our high school team took second overall and we had many athletes who took first in many of the events!

The schedule for NYO meets is always the same. We begin with the Kneel Jump. Here's a bit more about the Kneel Jump:

The Kneel Jump
Similar to the Scissor Broad Jump in that the hunters must develop the skill of quick movement to be successful in jumping from one ice floe to another. This game also develops leg muscles necessary to lift heavy game and carry it back to the village.

Here is one of our students doing the Kneel Jump.

Next up was the Wrist Carry. I love the Wrist Carry simply because I am amazed at how long the kids can hang from a stick by their wrists.

The Wrist Carry
A test of survival. This event has origins based on hunters being able to carry their game back to the village. Hunters had to develop endurance and strength in order to carry the game over a long distance.

Here is one of our Junior High athletes doing the wrist carry. It was her first meet and she did a great job. She looks so tiny compared to those guys carrying her. She kept looking at us and smiling because she knew she was doing really well. If she concentrates a bit harder next time she will totally take first.

I took quite a bit of pictures and movies this past weekend and it would take me forever to go through and explain what was going on in each one. So, I just made a big slide show.

Of course, what NYO meet would be complete without a puppet show! haha
This is what we do while we have some down time between cleaning the room up and waiting for the awards ceremony to begin.

This weekend is the annual Napaskarville NYO meet. This is a meet co-hosted by the folks from Napaskiak and Oscarville. It's really fun. I love NYO and it's a bit sad that my time with the NYO team here is winding down. Perhaps they will still allow me to travel with the team next year if they need a chaperone. Sigh.


Why Me!! said...

Hey Erin,
I really like this blog and the movie you made about us at Eek doing the events and the movies that you took of us doing the seal hop. I had fun seal hopping over there. Well I have nothing else to say, but I really do like this blog.

Faithrowup said...

Lol i loved the fact that you involved movies in your post to help describe the events
it was pretty cool :)
and the song was pretty fun too lol