Thursday, March 19, 2009

Package Smackages

Today a plethora of wonderful completely amazing packages came in the mail for me!

First, let's start with the not so exciting one. In fact, this one downright ticked me off. I received a package from Apple today. We have had numerous power cords go to pot this past year and I finally devoted to an hour and a half of my life to talking to the Apple people on the phone ordering some new ones for the school. What I received today was not what I had in mind and I am not looking forward to talking to the Apple people again any time soon. But it must be done. Here is a picture of all the useless stuff Apple sent me.

Package two is kind of cool. I received a package from the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Division of Public Health Section of Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion. Inside were surveys I am supposed to have students fill out and as a "thank you" for the time I am going to put into this the State of Alaska sent me a nifty little satchel. Thanks State of Alaska!

The last two packages were from very special people in my life and I cannot possibly rank them. So, I hope no one reads more into which package I talk about first because the order carries no meaning whatsoever.

A belated Christmas present came for me today. After watching me nearly chop my fingers off with the dull knifes I have around my kitchen Mr. Brian Rendall, concerned for my safety, ordered and sent what looks to be a very professional and very SHARP Japanese chef's knife. I love it! It's all shiny and new and I'm almost tempted to display it rather than use it. I wish I had had it on Sunday evening when I cut open a spaghetti squash with an uluaq and a hammer! Thank you so much Brian! I cannot wait to cook a meal for you with my new knife!

Finally, a much anticipated package came today and after tearing many, many layers of tape off (you did that just to annoy me -- didn't you?) I discovered many lovely things that had been packaged with care and sent all the way from Afghanistan! According to the letter inside, this particular box contained everything I need to have an proper Afghan tea party. There were little tea glasses, figs, almonds, and pistachios! I was also very grateful for the detailed instructions on how to prepare the tea! I cannot wait to try it.

Thank you to all who sent me lovely things today (except Apple)! I am so spoiled! It means so much to have such caring and wonderful people in my life (except the State of Alaska -- you're just trying to bribe me). After a long day my heart has been regenerated and I feel great! Thanks so much for making my day!


b.r. said...

I couldn't get a Hattori Hanzo since he's retired and all, but this Japanese steel will hopefully suffice.

Anonymous said...

Spoilt. Glad it was recieved in one bit. Nothing this end:-(.... Heading back tomorrow AM. Speak sometime in a month or two. Take care.