Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stand By Me

Someone posted this link on our district wide email the other day and I didn't watch the video. Then yesterday, I saw someone else had a link to it on their blog and I decided to sit as it slowly downloaded and see what it was all about.

This video is one of many that are part of the Playing For Change project. This project connects musicians from all over the world and breaks boundaries through music. They have done something similar with many other songs and have brought their mobile recording studios all over the world to capture musicians playing. Then they lay all the tracks and video into one final project.

I'm not sure if it is just the song or what but I found myself tearing up within the first minute or so of watching this video. I think what touches me most is the raw emotion of the musicians and how although they are on opposite sides of the world the song makes them all feel the same thing. Maybe, as Brian Klein would say, I'm just a Nancy, but there's something really touching and emotional about this video.


Kale "Massuucikili" Iverson said...

I showed that vid to my kids and they absolutely loved it, I'm glad you found it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Erin,
I can't watch that video, but I'm sure it's a cracker. Lovely photos of dowgies and landscapes.
I'm gutted that you never bit, after my Krispy Kreme comment. Perhaps if I'd said 'A dozen Krispy Kremes anyone?', then you would've twigged that it was me?!
Speak soon (ish),

Erin said...

I knew it was you. I laughed and laughed when I read your comment. So sorry I didn't directly address it.

My stomach still turns at the thought of your Krispy Kreme feat. That was the best drive to VT ever though! It kept us busy didn't it?

Looking forward to speaking with you...I have much to share. Glad you're reading and you are safe!