Saturday, August 29, 2009

A quick update and photo dump!

For spending as much time as I do online and playing around with computers you'd think that I'd update a bit more often. Here's the update.

After a rough first week in Bethel (and all my close friends can attest to that) I settled down a bit and found my groove.

I got the boat ready to go and made a few trips upriver to do some fishing. Brian, Dirk, Rachel and I all went fishing that first Saturday we were all back. Except for a tiny little pike we came back empty handed and were sad.

The next day I took Dirk, my friend Shaun and Shaun's father in law, Bob, out fishing. Bob was visiting from Tomahawk, WI and was exited to put his new Cabela's rod to the test. Bob said that if he only caught one he would be happy. Well, on Bob's first cast out he landed one and all of use breathed a sigh of relief. The pressure was off and now it was all about just enjoying ourselves.

The most popular spot to fish around here is the Kwethluk River. We go up to a place called the "Y" and I guess that's where the action is supposed to be. Well, for all the times I've gone I've never really caught a ton of fish. However, on this particular day we had Bob along and it was only a matter of time before we found a sweet spot and started landing fish left and right. Bob was near giddy with excitement and we were all yelling excitedly every time one of us landed a fish. By the end of the day we had a boatload of fish and huge smiles on our faces. It was by far one of the most exciting fishing trips I had been on in quite some time. Even just looking at the pictures I am about to post make me want to go back and catch even more!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm still here...

After my friend Mya reminded me that my blog was lacking an update I realized that it was in fact lacking a HUGE update as I have had to deal with some major life changes.

First, I'm done with classes. I am still in the midst of writing my thesis but I'm almost 60 pages closer to finishing than I was at the beginning of July. As much as I hated devoting almost an entire month each summer to school I have really appreciated everything that I have learned. I met some really awesome people and know that I have made friends for life with the ladies in my program. We really became a family and it was very bittersweet knowing that this was our last summer together.

After classes I came back to Bethel and moved into my place. My awesome friend Iain met me at the airport and helped me bring all my boxes over. Amongst all the boxes and Rubbermaid totes Iain and I shared the first meal cooked in my new house, a wonderful Digorno pizza. It's been almost a week now and things are slowly finding places in the house and it's starting to shape up. Brian brought some of his stuff over the other night so now the big task is reorganizing all the crap I threw into drawers and closets so it's a tad more organized. Anyone who knows me knows that organization is not my strong point so it will be a challenge to keep organized and make sure everyone has enough space in this tiny little house.

I started work this past Monday. I'm not going to say much about it yet. This week has really been a hard week for me in quite a few ways. The hardest part for me has been not heading to Oscarville and my house there. It's all been very different for me and so far my thoughts about Bethel have not been the most positive. Today, I watched as planes zig zagged across the sky taking all the new teachers to their respective villages. I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a bit choked up. I knew the whole leaving Oscarville thing would hit me but wasn't sure when. Well, it's hit kind of a big way.

So, we'll see what happens in the next few months. I have the boat in the water and it felt awesome to get out on the river a bit. I'm really hoping to head down to Oscarville tomorrow to visit people. I wanted to go today but was too tired and exhausted. Brian, K.C. and I went out fishing with a drift net last night and was up pretty late cutting fish and then cleaning up the mess. We only got about 15 but it's nice to see those fillets in the freezer. And the best part is that we now know what to do for next time so we can hopefully get even more!

That's about it. I'll have more funner (I can say funner, I think it's an awesome non-word) things to say after this weekend. Dirk will be here tomorrow and since everything that Dirk does is extreme I'm sure we will have an extremely fun weekend!