Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fashionable Macy Part Duex

Last Sunday evening I invited Iain over to taste some yummy Apple Upside Down Cake. I actually made two cakes, one with straight apples and one with apples and tundra berries. According to Iain they were both absolutely disgusting and quite horrible (me thinks Iain lied). Out of politeness he choked down the cake. It was during this awful time that Iain discovered a tiny little baby hat I had just finished. Don't worry the baby hat is not for's for a friend who just welcomed a little girl into the world. Anyway, Iain snapped this picture of Macy modeling the hat. I think she looks quite cute and now I'm going to make one with little holes for her ears. She also looks kind of pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Love the Macy picture. You did a grrrreeaaat job on the hat. Meg has one just like it, which she refuses to wear. She says it makes her feel stupid.

Nicole said...

So cute Macy is in that hat.