Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Socks!

Thanks to my good friend, Traci Buckle, I can now say that I know how to knit socks! She helped me start a set over Thanksgiving and was kind enough to allow me to use her size 7's DPNs (that is knit speak for 'double pointed needles') and patiently helped me through the pattern. When I left at Thanksgiving I had one sock all done. I meant to work on the other sock but ended up taking a bit of a break due to traveling and just being busy in general.

My good friend Dirk (yes, Dirk from Eek, yes, Dirk who I go hiking and camping with, that Dirk) came to Bethel a few weekends ago to get his dog's shots updated and to get her health certificate so she could travel to Maryland over the holiday break. Dirk intended to stay on Friday night and I convinced him to stay Saturday night as well. We watched the movie Up each night of his visit and just hung out and had a good time. I'm super happy and grateful that he brought a small little bicycle maintenance kit and helped me get my nifty purple bike functioning better.

Dirk left on Sunday and we hugged good-bye and I stood by the door and waved and everything as his cab pulled out of my driveway. That was about noon. About six I heard a car pull up and I looked out to see Dirk getting out of a cab with his dog. His flight had been canceled due to the crappy weather and he ended up spending ANOTHER night.

Sunday night pretty much consisted of sitting around and movie watching. I may have cooked something for us to eat, I don't remember. Dirk coached me through a training session on my bike (which he enjoyed...he kept scolding me every time I slowed down) and after I finished knitting my little socks. Dirk was very supportive of my sock knitting and was very happy I was finally finished with them. He didn't have to listen to me swear and watch me pull rows of stitches out any more.

I already gave the socks to my favorite little Przybylski.

I was informed that Isaac loved the socks and had in fact worn them on a number of occasions. As soon as Sara gets the socks washed she's going to send me a picture of Isaac wearing them!