Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Totally Worthy of a Blog Post

I know I haven't blogged in forever. I have resolved to blog more during the New Year and I have lots to share.

I just want to share this super awesome video that one of the teachers out here made! It's fantabulous and I love every second of it. Way to go Quinhagak students and their teacher!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Freezer Inventory

Here is what is in the freezer at ACE Cargo in case anyone is interested.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm not going to make apologies for not posting. I've been busy...lol.

I spent much of April finishing up my thesis. With the support of my family, my friends and a big bottle of Jack Daniels I was finally able to finish it and graduate!

Graduation was pretty awesome. I had been out in the villages working and came back to Bethel to sunny skies and the arrival of many friends. Emily, Mae and Ronnie (via R. Diehl Flying Services) arrived and after a nice dinner and some cocktails we all turned in so we could be ready for the BIG DAY!

Thankfully the weather in Bethel was awesome on graduation day. It was sunny, warm and very springlike. After breakfast we all headed to the Cultural Center to take a bazillion pictures and then sat through the graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony was loooooong but it was great to finally get that diploma (it was a fake one) in my hand!

After the ceremony we went back to my house where we BBQed and had a small partay. After my party we went to a few others and to say I had "fun" would be an understatement. I had a BLAST!

As always, I didn't take pictures. Instead I stole Emily's. Thanks Emily!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


After spring break I met up with a former student of mine, Nicole, and her mother, Olga, in Juneau. We went to the Capitol to talk with state senators and representatives about supporting the Consortium for Digital Learning program. The funds from the CDL are used to implement 1:1 (1 laptop per student) programs in districts around the state. We were hoping for more money to expand current projects and to add more schools. We didn't get any money but we did get some wonderful shots.

Here we are with Rep. Bob Herron

We had great weather in Juneau and got to take a look around town a bit. I've totally stolen these pics off of Nicole's blog so thanks Nicole.

Here we are at Mendenhall Glacier.
Here we are walking around Juneau a bit. It was rainy and getting late but it was still pretty.

Here we are in the place where the senators meet to do important things. We really weren't supposed to be here but the lady was nice and let us take some pictures.

And finally here is Nicole and Olga with Reggie Joule from Kotzebue. After hearing our schpeel he had some very inspiring words for Nicole. He was great!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Better late than never!

So....I went to Mexico. After a not so great time one Spring Break in Cancun I decided that Mexico wasn't really where it was at. Whenever people would talk about going to Mexico I often wrinkled my nose and shrugged my shoulders. Yes, I was a Negative Nancy when it came to Mexico.

But then, Mya suggested we go to Mexico over spring break and I decided to give it another chance. It was AWESOME! We stayed in a great condo, had great weather, ate and drank ourselves silly and had just a wonderful time.

I know I'm a bit late posting the pictures but here they are.

Mexico! on PhotoPeach

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cover Girl

I was recently featured on the cover of our district newsletter. This photo was taken at the start of the K300 race and it was about a million degrees below zero outside (if not colder). I stayed to watch a friend of mine start his race and saw Lance Mackey take off out of the chute then I went home. My feet were like frozen bricks and they actually tingled every time I took a step but I have this wonderful picture to remind me of that day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Erin in Phoenixland

Day 2 was pretty good. I again got up early to drop Scott off at work and was left to my own devices all day. I went for a short little jaunt in Beverly Canyon. Beverly Canyon was NOTHING compared to my hike the day before but it was a nice to get outside and walk around a bit.

While hiking around in the canyon the weather started to look a bit ominious and I decided that the weather to the east of Phoneix looked sunny. So I hopped in Scott's car and drove until I reached the sun and an In and Out Burger. After eating lunch I went to the shopping mall across the way and bought a new outfit for an upcoming trip to Juneau. While in Old Navy the rain started pouring and all the weather I had escaped from finally caught up with me. It POURED out and, not wanting to get soaked, I sought refuge in Old Navy.

After the rain passed I saw that it was sunny again to the west and started heading back towards Phoenix. I stopped in Tempe (I love Tempe) and did some quick shopping on Mill Avenue before heading back to town to pick Scott up from work.

Right after Mya got home we loaded up in the car and headed to the mall to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3-D at the IMAX! Although I felt that the story was missing some essential pieces I loved the characters, the costumes and the scenery. Johnny Depp was excellent as the Mad Hatter and Helena Bonham Carter did a good job as the Red Queen. One of Scott's friends summed her up as "not evil enough" and I had to agree. More evil would have been just fine with us. And what Alice in Wonderland movie viewing wouldn't be complete without the parents next to us with the two small children under four years of age. Sorry, but bringing two small children to a Tim Burton film at the IMAX after seven at night just doesn't sound like a good idea....and it wasn't.

Scott and I went on to hike Flat Iron in the Superstition Mountains the next day. I don't have my pictures downloaded and until I do you're all going to have to watch this to get an idea of what the hike was like! It was AWESOME and I'm still sore today.

Right now I'm waiting for Scott and Mya and baby Wyatt to wake up and after packing a few more odds and ends we are heading to MEXICO for the weekend. Booyah!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guess where I am...

I'm in Phoenix and had a wonderful day yesterday. Scott offered to give me his super awesome car so I could tool around the city while he was at work. After dropping him off I went back to his house and grabbed my workout gear and went to the gym to get a nice run in. Then I went to Whole Foods and spent time eating samples and oogling all the wonderfully beautiful produce. I grabbed a sandwich and some snacks and was off to hike Piestewa Peak. The veiw from the top was gorgeous and after a brief rest I headed back down.

After my hike my knee hurt a bit so I decided it was time to go shopping. I got a few odds and ends that I needed and headed to the grocery store.

Although there a was a grocery store next door to the Target I had been shopping at I decided to travel all the way down the road to another grocery store. It wasn't until I drove past the Target again that I saw the Fry's grocery store next door.

Anyway, I was at the grocery store when I ran into Elvis. I noticed him looking at the tomatoes and did a double take. He had the Elvis hair, the Elvis glasses, the Elvis sideburns and really did look like Elvis. I cast glances at him under the guise of trying to find the perfect zucchini. After a bit I got bored of the Elvis watching game and decided I had enough zucchinis and threw the bag in my cart. I wheeled my cart away to go get some tomatoes. At this point Elvis had moved on and I lost sight of him. I picked out a container of cherry tomatoes and began to maneuver my cart around the onion kiosk. I must turned a bit too sharp and instead of gracefully gliding around the sweet onions I ran head on into the potatoes. I looked up and there he was, looking at me and smiling. "Oops" I said to the King. He was silent for a moment and said, "You're dangerous with that cart." I smiled back and replied, "I sure am." Then after backing up a bit finally made it around the onions. I didn't see Elvis anymore after that but the memory of our encounter will always stay with me. It's not everyday you run into a King-In-Hiding in the store.

All in all my day yesterday was great. Today I'm going to go for a shorter hike and do some more shopping! I love Phoenix. I love my friends. I love being here so much. This weekend we are heading to Mexico and going to spend some time on the beach! Tonight we are going to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D at the IMAX! This is shaping up to be a great trip so far.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Soooo long this blog post is!

I know it's been awhile since I blogged. So, true to form, this is going to be a doozy of a blog. Get a cup of tea, your favorite blankie and be prepared for a lot of reading.

I'll start with Christmas and the holiday break and then work in reverse choronological order until we're all caught up. Feel free to quit reading at any time or jump ahead to whatever chapter appeals to you the most.

Chapter 1: Christmas Break

Christmas break was nice. I chose to stay in Bethel this Christmas instead of trying to fight the holiday exodus out of town. Many of you remember that ginormous snowstorm that hit Seattle last year. It screwed up holiday travel for pretty much everyone on the face of the planet and Brian and I ended up hanging out in Oscarville for four days while we waited for a flight to become available. Don't get me wrong, those four days were nice. It gave Macy a chance to recover from her rare bout of pukies, gave Brian and me a chance to relax, sleep in, cook good food and get outside a bit. However, when we finally did get home we had both missed Christmas and I ended up trying to make up for lost time by driving frantically around Wisconsin trying to visit and spend time with friends and family. By the time my brother Matt dropped me off so I could catch my bus headed for O'Hare I was exhuasted.

Anyway, I didn't want to do that this year. I've been traveling a lot for work and just wanted to sit around and quietly enjoy the overpriced apartment that I rent. I agreed to house sit and doggie sit for friends so I had an extra pup and an extra house (with cable TV and internet) to enjoy. I also took some time to work on my Master's project that has been looming over my head.

Christmas break started off with a party at my house. Quite a few people were passing through town and we all decided to have a big old slumber party at 720B 5th Ave. We had the Goodnews crew comprised of Paul Dhaemers and Chris and Amanda Hauk as well as Dirk, K.C, Traci, Brian, Iain and Bethany all come over. Brian cooked up some yummy brats and we had a nice spread of cheese and crackers and dips.

It was super fun to have everyone around to hang out and it was great to kick off the holiday break with such fun people. It's fun to have fun with fun people!

After everyone left the house was eerily silent but in a good way. The weather was pretty warm out so I spent time outside with the dogs. I had the honor of doggie sitting for my good friend Sara and Shaun's dog, Loki. Although Loki is a big old bucket of slobber he is quite cute. It was something else to share my bed with two dogs and there was one night that I woke up and just kicked them both off the bed. They were both back on shortly thereafter but I was able to claim some extra space while they were gone. Loki and Macy had a great time together and are BFFs now!

It was interesting to stay in Bethel over Christmas break. I was afraid that I was going to be bored and lonely and it was anything but that. It seemed like there were parties going on every night of the week of Christmas and it was so fun to get out and see friends and meet even more people.

I also had a really really great Christmas as well. My friend Joel Williams and I had been planning on spending Christmas together for quite awhile. I went over to his house on Christmas Eve and we watched movies and hung out. I dropped the dogs off at Sara and Shaun's house and when I came back Santa had delievered some presents and carefully placed then on the treadmill. After some T.V. watching Joel and I turned in for the night. The next morning we got up, had coffee, I went and got the dawgs and we opened presents. My parents had sent two boxes of Christmas presents for me and Macy. Mine was address to Erin Kavanaugh. Macy's was addressed to 'Lil Macy Doodle Kavanaugh. After presents we did a whole bunch of sitting around and Joel started in on the delicious turkey dinner that was ready later that afternoon. After we gorged ourselves on food we did a bit more sitting around and talking. After I left Joel's house I went home for a bit and then went to Christmas dinner at my friend Michelle's house. Needless to say, after I arrived home I got my butt on my bike and rode hard to work all that excess food off.

Although I missed my family Christmas was great! I loved it and had so much fun. I was so worried about sitting at home alone and feeling miserable but Joel really made it special and I was so thankful to both him and Michelle for including me in their holiday plans. Thanks!

Chapter 2. Thanksgiving

Yes, I'm blogging about Thanksgiving. I warned you all at the beginning of this post that I was going waaaaaaaaay back and it's just the beginning.

Although I have been traveling a ton this year I decided to spend my Thanksgiving break in Eek with Dirk and Traci. Another friend of our, Tania, and her daughter, Justine, came in from Toksook Bay to participate in the festivities.

I really don't have too much to say about Thanksgiving. Not because it was boring but because we were so incredibly and wonderfully lazy the entire time. Dirk and Traci treated us all to such good food that they had ordered from Full Circle Farms and we cooked our brains out. Traci really knocked herself out with the Thanksgiving meal. We all helped cook but Traci headed everything up and we had a huge feast prepared by the time everyone showed up.

We also got to listen to Traci and Dirk play a bit too.

Dirk and I went for one run. The weather was warm and it was a great run!

We did a lot of playing with the baby and a lot of sitting around. It was GREAT!

3. Just Desserts

Every year the Bethel Council on the Arts holds a fundraiser called Just Desserts. Guess what they serve at Just Desserts...that's right a shit ton of desserts! This year I was asked by my friend to make a dessert and I made an Apple Upside Down cake with tundra berries on it.

I arrived and delivered my dessert and met up with Traci and Dirk (a.k.a. The Squeaky Eeks) who were preparing to make their debut!

Squeaky Eeks I from Erin Kavanaugh on Vimeo.

Sqeaky Eeks II from Erin Kavanaugh on Vimeo.

In addition to musical acts there were some dancers and this little girl is a buddy of mine. I cannot remember her name right now...but she and I became friends when I attended a brunch theater not too long ago. We both agreed that the food was excellent and kept bumping into each other at the dessert table.

4. Visit to Aniak

Much to my friend Emily's delight I finally made the journey to Aniak to see her and her family. I also got to meet their son, Ryder (a.k.a. Miguel), for the first time. I got to spend Halloween with them and had a blast. I really cannot go into
too much detail about how much a
blast I had due to the fact that a large portion of my blog readers are former students. Those of you who know me know how much fun I had...lol.

It was nice to see a change in scenery also. Save for Goodnews Bay and Toksook Bay everywhere around here is flat and kind barren. I actually got a bit giddy when I saw TREES and HILLS.

It was wonderful. Macy came with me (of course) and she was GLUED to the airplane window. She couldn't quite remember what trees were since it had been so long since she's seen them but really liked them. She would like to see more of them and I promised her that I would take her to play in some woods sometime soon.