Thursday, May 13, 2010


After spring break I met up with a former student of mine, Nicole, and her mother, Olga, in Juneau. We went to the Capitol to talk with state senators and representatives about supporting the Consortium for Digital Learning program. The funds from the CDL are used to implement 1:1 (1 laptop per student) programs in districts around the state. We were hoping for more money to expand current projects and to add more schools. We didn't get any money but we did get some wonderful shots.

Here we are with Rep. Bob Herron

We had great weather in Juneau and got to take a look around town a bit. I've totally stolen these pics off of Nicole's blog so thanks Nicole.

Here we are at Mendenhall Glacier.
Here we are walking around Juneau a bit. It was rainy and getting late but it was still pretty.

Here we are in the place where the senators meet to do important things. We really weren't supposed to be here but the lady was nice and let us take some pictures.

And finally here is Nicole and Olga with Reggie Joule from Kotzebue. After hearing our schpeel he had some very inspiring words for Nicole. He was great!