Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm not going to make apologies for not posting. I've been

I spent much of April finishing up my thesis. With the support of my family, my friends and a big bottle of Jack Daniels I was finally able to finish it and graduate!

Graduation was pretty awesome. I had been out in the villages working and came back to Bethel to sunny skies and the arrival of many friends. Emily, Mae and Ronnie (via R. Diehl Flying Services) arrived and after a nice dinner and some cocktails we all turned in so we could be ready for the BIG DAY!

Thankfully the weather in Bethel was awesome on graduation day. It was sunny, warm and very springlike. After breakfast we all headed to the Cultural Center to take a bazillion pictures and then sat through the graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony was loooooong but it was great to finally get that diploma (it was a fake one) in my hand!

After the ceremony we went back to my house where we BBQed and had a small partay. After my party we went to a few others and to say I had "fun" would be an understatement. I had a BLAST!

As always, I didn't take pictures. Instead I stole Emily's. Thanks Emily!