Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gig Harbor, WA

Welcome to Gig Harbor, Flat Claire! You've traveled a very long way to get to Gig Harbor. In fact, it's almost 2000 miles to get from Kaukauna, WI to Gig Harbor, WA!

Gig Harbor is located on Puget Sound in the state of Washington. Puget Sound is an area in Washington that includes Seattle and the cities that surround Seattle. I live about 40 minutes from Seattle. Lots of boats travel through Puget Sound and it's a very pretty area to live in. There is lots of water in Puget Sound and it is very close to the Pacific Ocean. This area of Washington is very damp and rains A LOT! We're going to have to get Flat Claire a raincoat and some rain boots so she can stay nice and dry. It doesn't get as cold here as it does in Wisconsin and it only snows in the mountains but the winters can be kind of chilly. I'll check Flat Claire's suitcase to make sure she brought a warm jacket and some warm clothes.

To get to Gig Harbor I have to go over the Tacoma Narrows bridge. It's a long bridge and it is super fun to go over. It is the 5th longest bridge of it's kind in the United States. There is a pathway on the bridge where people can walk, run or walk across the bridge. I haven't run across the bridge yet but I'd like to soon.

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge didn't always look like this though. In 1940 the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge opened and was nicknamed Galloping Gertie because of how the bridge moved and swayed during high winds. The bridge eventually collapsed during a very high wind. Here's what the old bridge looked like when the wind was really strong. The new bridge is very, very safe and doesn't move at all.

For a long time the people in Gig Harbor earned a living by fishing, building boats and logging. They don't do that so much anymore. There are many tourists who come to Gig Harbor because it is so pretty and so close to the water.

I live in a house that is very close to the beach. My yard is outlined in blue and you can see the beach and the water from my front porch.

I can walk down to the beach to fish or kayak.

The other night I was out in my kayak and saw a harbor seal in the water. The seal was floating around on his back and would dive down deep into the water when I came close to him. He was very cute and looked kind of like this:

Welcome Flat Claire!

The other day I received an envelope addressed to Auntie Erin Kavanaugh. Inside was my very own Flat Claire!!! YAY!

I immediately had a friend take a picture of me, Flat Claire and my dog Macy!!

Here we all are! My next post will be about Gig Harbor, WA where I live.

Let the Adventures Begin...

The other day I received a wonderful letter in the mail from my niece Claire. Claire's class is doing a Flat Stanley project and she colored a Flat Claire and sent it to her Auntie Erin!!!

I am so excited to take Flat Claire on some adventures (and I already have)! What better way to revive my blog than to do it for her!!

So, folks, I'm going to be using my blog to write to the students at Park Charter School in Kaukauna, WI and update them on Flat Claire's adventures.

Hopefully Claire and her class will track Flat Claire's progress as we travel throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska (and who knows where else!).

So...let the adventures begin!